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Real Digital Business: Models

For young entrepreneurs and companies, the future lies in the Internet. Yes, this may be a platitude. Thus we wanted to get some background informationen at the C'n'B 2011 where we talked to four representatives of the "new generation“. The concrete view onto the options and chances for success of digital business ideas presents four completely different approaches and ideas - yet do they have anything in common?

Anda Corry/Etsy
Real Digital Business: Models – this was the motto on Friday at this year's C’n’B. One of the attendees was Anda Corrie who runs the platform Etsywhich allows young designers to offer their hand-made products on a globlal level; another attendee was Stephen O'Reilly of Mobile Roadie, the experts for iPhone and Android apps; festival organiser Shawn Michael O'Keefe of the internatinally-renowned South by Southwest Festival who carry their event topics over to the net and further develop them in cooperation with SXSW Interactive and Christoph Lange of the innovative music web portal Simfy. asked them about their ideas, strategies and motivations. In the video, the young entrepreneurs explain their digital success models in a pleasant and genuine way.


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