Small contributions, big effects: crowd funding and micro-payment

Sale platforms for artistic and cultural projects

Do you know Flattr, startnext, Cofunding, SellaBand, or Kickstarter? Behind those names, you’ll find web-based presentation and sale platforms for artistic and cultural projects. These days, an increasing number of German-speaking initiatives allure artists, promising to improve their precarious existences by commercial use of networks.

Flattr me - fan-based financing model

Each website is unique, having its own specific brokerage and marketing approach. According to Linus Olsson, the co-developer of the system, Flattr is a „social micro-payment system“. The artist or author links his digitally presented content with a Flattr button. The reader, listener, or viewer clicks on the buttons of the contents he likes. As a Flattr user, he spends a flat amount of money per month (e.g. 2 Euros) on his favourite projects. If many people participate, all those tiny contributions will lead to one big amount.

Manna for the poor artist?

Freelance artists and creative people are under constant pressure – there are a lot of applications and ideas, yet only a few subsidies available. Public funding seems to be near its limits. Anna Theil of startnext also knows that. Startnext offers crowd-funding as a complementary measure: on the website, artists present their projects digitally revised. Thus, they avoid the bureaucratic correspondence with the public authorities – the site connects them to interested parties with sponsoring means. The combination of diverse supporters and their respective smaller or bigger contributions to their preferred project bit by bit results in a production budget, ensuring the realisation of the artistic plan.

At the transmediale, LABKULTUR.TV talked with the creators of the various crowd-funding platforms.


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Unser neuer TWITTER Kanal: @KQ_Ruhr #cities #streetart #placemaking #Ruhrgebiet #creativity #urbanart #change #art