What is your Plan C? An Interview with Phelim McDermott, Improbable Theater, London

As the Open Camp facilitator for IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts) meeting in Berlin, Phelim will share his own evaluation of open space technology in this interview. Through open space methodology, group members are engaged in the process of learning how to talk to each other, more sepecifically, talk to each other about their passion. Participants may experience ‘freedom shock’ when they realize they are free yet responsible to initiate and lead topics whatever they desire. Similar to reality check, open space process may bring more awareness to each individuals and group as a whole, but the big question remains – What is your PLAN C?

This interview is joined by Annka Erichsen, freelance journalist from Theater der Zeit. For more information about Improbable Theater: www.improbable.co.uk.

Central Questions

  • Open space has been adapted by business meetings for more than 20 years. It helps to reveal the real issues in the background. Why are artists, supposedly forethinkers, not doing open space more among themselves?

  • What are the needs of IETM members/cultural workers?

  • Instead of asking ‘What can you do for me?’, how will we learn to ask ‘What can I do for you?’

  • How to support the space that is being opened?

  • What are the limits of open space technology?

  • What if there is no real product, hence, no Plan C to follow, how do we cope with such reality?

  • How will we, cultural workers, learn to evaluate the values generated in the process not just the final production?

About Plan C

On 15th of April, 2010, IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts) invited over 500 cultural operators and performing artists from over 50 countries to come to Berlin for four days to find new ways of dealing with crucial conflicts and challenges in our world. The invitation says: “Having tried Plans A and B, from Capitalism to Communism,... we are now searching for a third way... A Plan C to turn the crisis of this new century into a chance for culture. It is not a contradiction – chaos and creation are close comrades and between cooperation and competition we have to find the right centre.” (Creative Crisis Economy by Dirk Pilz). Having a long term interest in creating new economic models for sustaining creative practices, I was invited by IETM to participate in their meeting and encouraged to lead a session during the ‘Open Camp’. For 2010LAB.tv, I will post four different personal interviews with the following people and conclude with an article about the concept of Plan C in relation to the value chain of artistic thinking and creative process.

Part 1: Mary Ann DeVlieg, IETM Secretary General, Brussels

Part 2: Phelim McDermott, Improbable Theater, London
Part 3: Jochen Sandig, Folkert Uhde, Bettna Sluzalek, Radialsystem V, Berlin
Part 4: Bernhard Vierling, Consulting Arts and Friends, Berlin
Part 5: What Is My Plan C?

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Unser neuer TWITTER Kanal: @KQ_Ruhr #cities #streetart #placemaking #Ruhrgebiet #creativity #urbanart #change #art http://t.co/bLEuKenJgB