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In providing the Marienkirche (Marien Church; translator’s note) in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle - in the Victoria Quarter in Bochum - thanks to the city of Bochum, URBANATIX got the perfectly central training location. In Bochum, one has been putting an emphasis on revitalising places for productive and creative use by the urban cultural scene - in this case the streetart scene.
The streetart acrobats (Urban Artistics) from URBANATIX have been practising in the desecrated Marienkirche of Bochum since January 2010. Where pew and altar where once located, you can now find trampolines, tricking courses, halfpipes for skaters and ramps for bikers on approximately 700 square meters of ground space.

Christian Eggert, initiator of the project and DACAPO director, would like to build on it and develop the opportunity of a realistic career plan in the long term: His vision for the time after 2010 is the set-up of an artistic school in the Ruhr area.
Urbanatix show at Jahrhunderthalle

The URBANATIX team is certainly preparing in an unusual location for the upcoming show at the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum, scheduled for May 21 - 23, 2010.

The visitors can look forward to a spectacular performance that consists of the numerous streetart disciplines such as Tricking (a mix between martial arts, gymnastics and dance), parcour, Freerunning, Skating, Biking and Breakdance. In addition, the programme will be musically accompanied by well-known Beatbox artists and DJs.
Ten international world class artists – among others Hilty & Bosch (Japan, "The Masters of Locking"), Valérie Inerti (Canada, Cirque du Soleil, New York) and the German shooting start Eike von Stukenbrok (BASE Berlin Artist and bronze megal winner at "Festival du Cirque de demain" in Paris in Januar 2010) – will be performing during the show at the Jahrhunderthalle.

URBANATIX is one of the main projects of the city of Bochum within the framework of the Capital of Culture RUHR.2010. Started with the motto: "Discover. Experience. Make a difference." – which should really be complemented by "encounter" – the best newcomer artists have been sighted at a large-scale casting. Being the chosen ones by an expert jury, they are given the chance to work with professionals from the body art scene in different working stages for one year.

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