Urban Future 2 – How can we govern tomorrow's urban space?

At PICNIC 11 urbanists developed solutions

One of the main areas at PICNIC 11 focused on the question of sustainable models for suitable cohabitation in cities. In 20 years from now, more than 70% of the world pouplation will live in a city. The challenges of urbanisation don't only show in a megalopolis but also in at least 1.000 cities worldwide that count more than 250,000 inhabitants.


Tim Campbell, chairman of Urban Age Institute  In cities, we already face the challenge that people don't usually work where they live. To prevent imbalance and segregation, communities and citizens have to work together closely and establish long-term communication and voice channels that are levelled. Renowned urbanist Charles Landry is of the same opinion. He reminds of the gap between the city and its political decision-makers. A hierarchical structure in politics prevents the good future of a city.


Tess Broekmans, director at Urhahn Urban Design, sees Amsterdam as a good example of a city that has a healthy social mix to the day. Yet she warns about a current decaying trend. Frank Kresin of Waag Society lives in Almere. Only 40 years ago, this city was built on water. The city planners that set up Almere back then, believed to be able to plan the social processes that were supposed to take place there. Yet that didn't work. "In the end, you have to be able to let go and observe what happens."



Text: Boris Alexander Knop

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