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While working for O.M.A. Rotterdam, FACE Design New York and David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin-based architect Christiane Sauer specialized in researching innovative materials and approaching the unconventional use of materials in architecture and design.


She is running her own studio formade and is the author of  Gestalten's Made of.. an inspirational and application-oriented reference for everyone who is looking for a specific material, who would like to expand their design palettes with further cutting-edge possibilities, or who can use an overview of current developments in this area.

We met the material girl to find out: What's the matter? Where does it come from? And what is it good for?


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Capital of Culture 2001 and City Of Architecture 2007. The Dutch port city is not only one of the most important hubs of global economy - it also reflects symptomatically the urban challenges of our time.


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