2010lab.tv presents the Ruhr metropolitan area at the Shanghai Expo

Within the framework of the Northrhine-Westphalia Week the European Capital of Culture was presented at the EXPO in Shanghai. In a creative quarter made from glass, divided into the topics "science", "culture-science" and "media/2010LAB.tv", the visitors of the world exhibition were invited to dive into the Ruhr metropolis.

There was a lot to explore. The Ruhr area represents a modern, changing Germany between tradition and innovation.
2010LAB.tv provided the visitors with impressions from the Ruhr metropolis putting it in the visual limelight in all its diversity.


Ruhr.2010 GmbH Managing Director and part-time reporter for 2010Lab.tv, Prof. Dr. Oliver Scheytt, went fishing for votes and was fascinated by the impressions.

Photos: Michael Krömer
Text & arrangement: Patrik Welzel (2010lab.tv)


Fri, 17.12.2010 0

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