17 plus one: the Internet Committee of Enquiry

The Internet Committee of Enquiry and Digital Society of the German Bundestag aims at organising the central sociopolitical questions of the digital age. In doing so, it scans different fields of politics and draws up lists of questions for positive future politics between businesses, parties, associations and citizens with the help of 17 experts. It seeks to make the smouldering Policy Making Process fit and competent.

A 2010LAB.tv video from the politico-cultural congress netz.macht.kultur which took place in Berlin at the beginning of June.

How is my provider linked to traffic management? One of the expert members, Markus Beckedahl of Netzpolitik.org, provides a clarifying answer.
Is and will file sharing remain copyright infringement? The culture flat rate or the Committee of Enquiry's "Kulturwertmark" (culture token; translator's note) might present an interesting solution.
Constanze Kurz, www.ccc.deThe expert Constanze Kurz of Chaos Computer Club clearly demands to put the common good in front of the financial interests of companies. Yet the reality looks a bit different.

Everyone can participate in the Commission. Every citizen can become the 18th expert of the Commission and register with a click on "Enquetebeteiligung".

Text: Boris Alexander Knop



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