"Arrow Piece - Acupuncture Attemps", Berlin 2010, C-Print 600mm x 900mm,(c) ZASD

been out for Arrow Pieces

Artist: ZASD

Description of the work

Selfmade arrows got shot into buildings that have insulated facades or gables that function like displays around Berlin and other european cities. (Insulation means in this case: Rockwool or Styrofoam covered with plaster)


To open up the discussion a selection of three C-Prints 600mm x900mm in a 900mm x1200mm frame and a (1200mm x 200mm x 80mm) which includes one of the arrows will be shown in an artspace of your choice.


About the artist

ZASD is a young Berlin based sculptor who puts the ideas and perception of architectural space up for discussion. She works mostly uncommissionedly in public and private spaces. To create a forum she connects her urban interventions with the art space. She exhibited in various international venues.



About been out, vol. 1

been out, vol. 1 is an all-arts competition for young artists exploring the parameters of art in the generation of digital natives. In these times of cross media and viral marketing, the open competition been out, vol. 1, organised by Bohème Précaire in cooperation with 2010LAB.tv, questions the art of the digital natives. Do they still know the meaning of art? Is there still a trade based on art?

According to the free-associating motto “go out, be out, include the outside”, the applicants should question and revalue the gridlocked meanings of urbanity, arts, architecture, and private and public sphere.

kunst.labor is the online-gallery of been out, vol. 1.

Further information: www.bohemeprecaire.com

And: www.facebook.com/beenout

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Unser neuer TWITTER Kanal: @KQ_Ruhr #cities #streetart #placemaking #Ruhrgebiet #creativity #urbanart #change #art http://t.co/bLEuKenJgB