Too successful! Duisburg's public order office drives Djäzz into bankruptcy

Peace for the domestic huts; war against "culture palaces". At the end of November, the public order office Duisburg ordered that events at the music club Djäzz must finish at 1 instead of 5 o'clock from now on. The case has recently been dismissed by the Düsseldorf Administrative Court. As a result, the music club faces the end of its business. "Since the Djäzz does not receive funding from public sources, parties have to finance our cultural offerings", says Sascha Bertoncin.

The team around managing director Ercan Ulucan (photo) had been trying in vain to achieve an extension of the curfew until the end of March in order to be able to look for an alternative location. Yet the public order office was not interested in a settlement. Particularly hard to bear: During the trial, the judge explained that, of all things, the success of Djäzz led to problems in the neighbourhood. The direct consequence being that the club has to cancel all upcoming parties. In January, the remaining concerts will be held.

OBjäzz, MHjäzz, BOTTjäzz, DINJäzz. How does that sound? Neighbouring cities are requested to contact Ercan Ulucan to help make their own alternative cultural scene more attractive. In Duisburg, such establishments don't seem to be wanted at the moment.
Photos: Djäzz

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