Pam Brown: Interruptions

Wow Wow Wow Receiver, Day 2

Wednesday midday, 12th October 2011, Sydney, Australia

are you reading this
on a plastic screen?
on a paper page?

can't recharge my lines-for-poems notebook
can't recharge the paperback i'm reading
can't recharge the books i write
(can i read my own handwriting?)

the internet is an ecosystem
of interruption technologies
said the sci-fi guy

we no longer have roots
we have aerials
said the situationist

('the sci-fi guy' is author cory doctorow)
('the situationist' is cultural theorist mckenzie wark

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“Wow Wow Wow Receiver” is an event-based and multi-media publishing project that will create and publish original poetry in real-time curated by Duncan White and in collaboration with the web-based publishers Poiesipedia.

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