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The Innovative and Multi-genre Band NU PARK - Part 2

Interview with a indie-band based in Istanbul

Besides their musical practices and inspirations, we also talked Nu Park about their future aims, their approach to the city that they live and work. The band takes their enthusiasm and excitement from their commitment to innovation and ultimate freedom of productivity. They are very energetic, sincere and sometimes like they are on their own on the stage which transfers the same feelings to the audience and let them enjoy themselves. 

This is the second part of our interview with the band. 


How do you find Istanbul and the conditions that the city serves for a young

musician to live and work?

Oguz: Istanbul is absolutely a great city to be nurtured from. In the city, the way colours, smells, sounds and rhytms emerge and mesh is fascinating. Modern and non-modern forms of expressions, talks or fights between them are even inspiring. There is so much to listen, meditate or scream for. . and finally to produce. 

Yet we know that artistic production is still limited in the city. In Turkey-and in İstanbul- in order to position yourself in a sector, you surely have to have a good network and to some extent, serve for popular media too. Otherwise you are just out of the circle, especially in the culture&art sector which is quite small here. You have to get along with others but on the other hand, have to compete and create something distinctive.

How do you feel about rise of the digital age, social media and online music trading?

Uran: I feel very positive about the rise of social media. Nu Park relies on social media for promotion mostly. I think we live in an age in which people can share original creations without producers telling them what is publicly relevant or not. This condition supports artistic freedom. On the other hand people are flooded with millions of artists and it might be hard to get noticed.

Online music trading is confusing. I think we are in a transitional stage, in which the music industry recreates itself in the internet realm. Until this transformation is complete to a certain degree, making money out of online sales is a dodgy concept.


What are the sources that you are using to improve your music?

Uran: Creating an interesting live show has been our main motivation this last year. Creating visuals, videos, costumes, props with a creative team improved Nu Park and transformed the whole thing into a semi-theatrical experience for the audience to be immersed in. I think including improvisations more in the show helps us to expand the boundaries of the world we're creating. This way every show is a non-repeatable experience that it unique and entertaining, both for us and the audience.

What is the dream of Nu Park for 5 years ahead? 

Uran: Having an international audience, appearing more in international festivals. Perfection of the theatrical elements, creating an ever evolving show in which new and surprising elements are introduced constantly. One of my dreams is to appear in the Eurovision contest. I have a romantic and nostalgic view about this contest, the experience itself is more important than being famous through Eurovision. 


photos: Nu Park

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