Can Art Be Money? Can Money Be Art?

For Dadara’s "Exchanghibition Bank" art is the currency

On Thursday 9 February 2012 the Art As Money Festival took place at club/restaurant TrouwAmsterdam. The event was all about the possibilities to earn money as an artist or cultural entrepreneur. The main reason to organize the event are the severe financial cuts on art and culture that have been announced by the current Dutch government. 


Art As Money Festival
Half of the national budget for fine art will be taken away next year, which will affect the Dutch culture and the art scene immensely. The Art As Money Festival was full of new creative ways to earn money as an artist and at the same time ensuring the quality of the work.


Exchanghibition Bank

The Art As Money Festival is an idea by the acclaimed artist Dadara who has started his own bank. The aim of the Exchanghibition Bank is to explore the relation between money, value and art. The bank developed its own currency and publishes its own bank notes. By selling his own banknotes in his bank kiosk at art festivals and events, Dadara earns money to keep the project alive, but at the same he introduces a new currency to be used in cultural sub-scenes.


Artist and bank owner

Being the first artist running a bank, Dadara states that “in a world where even art seems to be measured by its financial value, the value of money as we know it is becoming increasingly unclear”. 

With this project Dadara wants to explore the role of art and its value. He explains, “our current form of Money, detached from any tangible asset and only backed by our trust, has seemingly taken on the role of an omnipresent Philosopher’s Stone, magically turning any quality of life into a measurable quantity of bigger or smaller heaps of cash, or rather digits on our computer screen. But not all values and qualities can be converted that easily into a pile of banknotes. After all, what we really value in life is ‘priceless’.”


Burning man festival

One year ago Dadara started his project with a presentation at PechaKucha Amsterdam, and since then he has been traveling the world to sell banknotes at places such as the Burning Man Festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. The Exchanghibition Bank presented its new 2012 bank note at the Art As Money Festival.

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