5 Years TED: Gain or Pain of Leading the Digital World?!

What do you say your wife after five years of happy marriage? Writing on TED for its birthday is a hard thing for a believer and fan. TED deserves more than just a love story and celebration. The next five years of success will be different from the first five years – that is my question today: how can we extend this wonderful marriage?

TED would not be TED, if they would not address this challenge for the future themselves. The new initiative started today is exactly this attempt: “ads worth spreading” is an in-depth continuation of “ideas worth spreading". In fact one could argue that TED’s re-use of what they have already – ads shown after the ideas – is just a digital recycling. But TED is taking the ads-challenge much further, indeed challenging the principle TED had success with so far: Personal presentations on stage being communicating digitally. The TED community has been discussing already that this is not using the full power of the digital world – what about digital presentations?

New forms of online engagement

Now TED answered and is leaping again forward: “TED is inviting creative individuals to submit their ads worth spreading. We want to see the same level of ingenuity, intrigue and intelligence in online ads as we do in our TEDTalks. So we’ve created this challenge to solicit ads that raise the bar, elevate the craft and invent new forms of online engagement. Online video is the focus of this challenge, and we'll accept video submissions that vary in length from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.”

TED is turning TED3.0 and is opening to be a truly contribution platform – in addition to being a linear-sending platform. TED use to be traditional TV in the internet with a special spark. On its fifth anniversary TED takes up the development in inter-active communication in the last five years and turns to its community as its major capital and source of innovation. The community is challenged also to change from viewer to contributor, from consumer to producer. Of course it was about time that TED took up the latest trends in interaction and in the personal desire of creative persons to bring in their own ideas. Maybe there are more contribution methods to come? Why not a twitter wall of the world community parallel to TED talks?

To me TED made a fantastic birthday present: TED is staying cutting edge, awake and ready to go for the next challenge in the new communication world developing.

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