Topics in Dialogue
Go faster (c)
The Graphic Design of Racing Cars - Film
Freedom Graffiti by Tammam Azzam
Iconic faces of Western art combined with images of battlezones in Syria
2014 edition of exhibition and research project along the A40 from Duisburg to Dortmund
As the Queen Elizabeth Park opens on the Olympic Site, how has the area changed?
Forum d'Avignon Ruhr
Impressions of the Forum d'Avignon Ruhr 2014
 Forum d’Avignon 2013
“We have the reconstruction of an European project in our hands“
First ever book by the Monocle team
The design community dealt with social and societal topics on the premises of the former coalmine Zollverein
The social, historical, and multicultural reality of the Ruhr Metropolis
Les Ateliers, Nantes
1 venue, 5 days, 9 subjects and 9 teams on city building and tech housing, sharing, city-camping & gardening