Lawrence Upton: Day 3 Morning 7:15 a.m.

Wow Wow Wow Receiver, Day 3

7:15 a.m. approx Thursday, October 13, 2011

On board train homewards via the mountains of Crystal Palace, the scenic route

written in my notebook, transcribed later

I tried and tried to get a signal at Paddington. One provider hadn't loaded in the time it took me to dress and go to the toilet and then it wanted money when it did load

My alarm call for 6 did not come, nor my breakfast with or without milk.
So I had a pot of yoghurt brought from Scilly which appeared to have been born in west London anyway

I realised I had left my walking stick hanging from a trolley in Penzance.
I should buy a collapsible one. It costs more to keep losing sticks I can't pack - I only need sticks for threatening bumptious dogs and testing long grass for adders, that sort of thing.

This one was becoming cloven footed. Its ferule had reached sexual maturity and slipped off to find another ferule

Near the escalator a man ran round the corner looking  back over his shoulder. He said he was sorry.

First Great Western had sold me a London ticket. Transport for London say it is invalid. I had to buy a new one and claim back the cost - ha! They still owe me from 2 years back.

It's going to be so much fun during the Olympics. I am hoping for a gig in Northern Greenland.

On to the circle line which does not know go in a circle. It's a series of shuttles. So I went to Edgware Rd and stayed on while announcements screamed at me to get off. Then we went to Paddington and on to Victoria, via many pauses, due to red signals, they said.

At Bayswater, I remembered an obscene song about the Mayor there and his lovely daughter, which is not repeatable or that funny; but I remembered it

I passed the time thinking back on some oddities of conversations I had in Penzance Station - as I entered someone was yelling "Are these all the waiting facilities?" and a man in a yellow jacket said "We going to do it up soon"

Sure; and we'll all go to heaven when we die.

At Victoria, I dealt with the steps that could easily be converted into ramps but remain, making a nonsense of wheeled luggage. In the main station, there were no seats suitable for using a laptop nor any accessible free wifi - my computer would have me say wife

I wrote more of these notes during the 20 minute wait

There were no tables in the train

I just had to stop and remonstrate with a man who says I am an idiot for telling him for not knowing how to turn pop music off on one of his gadgets. We are in  library.

There was a man on a train whose every key press on a phone made a beep. A vain attempt, I suspect, to give himself a sense of reality. I suppose this exercise could be conducted by tweets and txts but would be solving bad design with tech instead of getting better design

At home there was a letter of apology sent by an admin type - apologizing that I was upset by his arrogance and not apologizing for his arrogance

As we left the station it was still dark. We crossed the Thames and I had a mini sense of relief at being back in S London, mini compared to the thrill as I cross the Tamar into Cornwall westwards

And home. Check mail. And then out to keep an appointment.


“Wow Wow Wow Receiver” is an event-based and multi-media publishing project that will create and publish original poetry in real-time curated by Duncan White and in collaboration with the web-based publishers Poiesipedia.

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Unser neuer TWITTER Kanal: @KQ_Ruhr #cities #streetart #placemaking #Ruhrgebiet #creativity #urbanart #change #art